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Onboarding FAQs

My offer letter is blank when trying to view it.

When you click on the offer letter task in Onboarding, you are presented with instructions and the blank template of the offer form.  Once you select the “Save and Continue” button, you will be presented with the electronic signature that you created and will need to select the “Save and Continue” button again. Then you will be presented with the filled in offer form with all of your appointment information listed.  Once you are done reviewing the offer letter, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box before saving and continuing to apply your signature.

I have tried to reset my password but I am not receiving it.

Please contact to have your password reset or call 785-864-5994 during normal business hours.

Where do I find my username to access Onboarding?

You can find your user name in the email with subject line “Welcome to KU Onboarding”. If you still need assistance please email or call 785-864-5994.

When logging into Onboarding I am not seeing any tasks to complete.

Once you log in, you’ll see a couple of “tabs” under My Tasks.  Please click on the tab for the department you are completing your onboarding for. You should be presented with the task(s) that will need to be completed.

Do I have to have a United States address to complete my Onboarding?

Unfortunately, the system will only allow US addresses. For now you can put the address of the department you will be working for.  You will be able to update your address once your appointment is active in our system.

I wanted to look at my documents that I have signed in Onboarding.  Can I access those?

Yes. You will be able to login to your account and view those under “Onboarding Profile”.

Can I upload my own e-signature that I have created when completing tasks?

It is strongly recommended to use your mouse (or finger when using a mobile device) when applying your digital signature as uploading existing signatures could cause errors in viewing.

I made a mistake when completing a document. Can I correct that?

Please contact  for questions in correcting completed tasks.

I received an email that I needed to make an appointment to bring in my I-9 documents. How do I know who this is?

Please refer back to the email as it will list the name and email address of your Shared Service contact to make that appointment with.

Can I use a picture in place of original documents to complete the I-9 process?

All documents used for the federal I-9 will need to be original documents. Copies cannot be accepted.